Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Your financial adviser can help you look at:

  1. Buy/Sell agreements and the funding of such a Policy.

  2. Buy/Sell insurance can help minimise the risk of:

    • The remaining owners having to sell the business.
    • The control of the business or its assets being frozen due to legal difficulties.
    • A departing owner, or their spouse or estate, taking legal action over a valuation or pay-out figure.
    • A departing owner’s spouse deciding (against the wishes of the continuing owners) to become an active or inactive partner.
    • A departing owner’s spouse or estate selling their share of the business to an unsatisfactory third party.
  3. Key person insurance (also known as ‘key man insurance’) which is designed to protect businesses in the event that a key person, such as a partner employee, or director dies or becomes unable to work.

  4. Business Expenses insurance which will provide funds to cover the expenses of the business if the Owner is unable to work due to Accident or illness.